Proposed Railway Avenue road closure, Pakenham

We are proposing to permanently close Railway Avenue, Pakenham at the intersection of Racecourse Road. This would only happen after traffic lights start operating at the intersection of Henry and Racecourse roads.

Railway Avenue runs along the railway line on the north side of the train station, between Main Street and Racecourse Road.

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The final results of the poll were in favour of the road closure, with a result of 59% to 41%.




The Railway Avenue and Racecourse road intersection is unsafe due to its poor sight lines.

 Traffic lights have been installed at the intersection of Henry and Racecourse roads. These signals are expected to start operating when Henry Street opens towards Tremont Street. Signals are also being installed at the intersection of Henry and Ascot Park Drive.

The upgraded Henry Road intersection will provide improved access into Pakenham town centre and better safety for motorists.

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Improved safety for motorists

Poor sight lines for motorists at the existing intersection of Railway Avenue and Racecourse Road are a crash risk. It is not possible to improve these sight lines due to the location of the railway level crossing.

There have also been reports of motorists driving on the wrong side of the road to access Railway Avenue when the level crossing boom gates are down.

Better access into Pakenham town centre

Henry Road provides a more direct route from the east into Pakenham town centre than Railway Avenue. 

In addition, unlike Railway Avenue, Henry Road was designed as a collector street (one which moves traffic from local streets to arterial roads). Henry Road has the capacity to accommodate Railway Avenue’s current traffic, as well as additional traffic from future developments.

Better movement of public transport

It is proposed that bus routes currently using Railway Avenue will use Henry Road. This will improve the reliability of public transport by regulating movements at this intersection.

Potential to increase train station parking

Removing access to Railway Avenue has the potential to increase parking capacity at the train stations by up to 125 spaces as part of future projects.

The works will be needed if the level crossing at Racecourse Road is removed

We are advocating to the Victorian Government to remove this level crossing. If this happens, it is likely that the Railway Avenue intersection would need to be removed as part of these works.