Draft review of the Cardinia Planning Scheme

Council is legally required to regularly review the Cardinia Planning Scheme to ensure that it is up to date, consistent with Victorian Government planning policy, and does not contain errors. The last significant review was in 2012.

From 9 July to 17 August 2018, the draft Cardinia Planning Scheme Review was opened for public comment.

Read the draft review

Each local government in Victoria is covered by a planning scheme. The Cardinia Planning Scheme sets out how land is protected and how it can be used and developed in Cardinia Shire. It includes state and local content.

Planning schemes require changes from time to time to achieve certain planning outcomes, support new policies and to ensure that requirements continue to meet the needs of the local community.

You can view the Cardinia Planning Scheme on the DELWP website

The review addresses changes made since 2012 and proposes to include the following in the updated Planning Scheme:

  • Changes to the State Planning Policy, including the introduction of the ‘refreshed’ Plan Melbourne (2017 -2050)
  • Other relevant State Government documents such as Planning Practice Notes
  • Changes at a local level, which include:
    • Changes to the Urban Growth Boundary resulting in the inclusion of Pakenham East into the growth corridor
    • Precinct Structure Planning that is being undertaken and completed
    • Changes of economic significance such as the relocation of the Pakenham Racecourse to Tynong.
  • Work that has already been undertaken by Council’s Strategic Planning Team such as the introduction of a Gaming Policy and the Airport Policy, and the completion of the Beaconsfield Structure Plan.
  • Relevant Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and Planning Panels decisions
  • A review of relevant Council documents that contain planning actions such as the Council Plan and the Liveability Plan.

Changes to the zoning or overlays on specific properties are not proposed as part of this review. The review is a high level strategic analysis of the Cardinia Planning Scheme and does not focus on particular addresses or properties.

Feedback given during the 9 July to 17 August consultation period will be used to inform changes to the Cardinia Planning Scheme.

A planning scheme amendment will then be undertaken to introduce these changes. This will go through an additional public consultation process.

For more information contact the Strategic Planning Team on 1300 787 624