School Holiday Movies

Keeping the kids entertained each Wednesday at 10am during the school holidays. Please check the schedule below for upcoming sessions (please note, movies only run on select dates in December/January).

Max (Ludacris), a macho, solitary Rottweiler police dog reluctantly teams up with a human FBI agent Frank (Will Arnett) to recover a stolen baby panda. A hot tip leads Max and Frank to Las Vegas and unfamiliar territory; the world’s most exclusive dog show. To stop Max barking up the wrong tree, he must go undercover as a contestant to get the lowdown from his fellow canines to avert a disaster from happening. 

Take advantage of our delicious snack deal! Get a movie ticket, popcorn and a drink for only $10 per person.

Rated: PG
Run time: 92 mins

Ticket only: $5 per person
Snack deal: $10 per person 
Kids aged 2 years and under: free when not occupying a seat 

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