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By modelling and encouraging responsible drinking habits, as a parent you can make a huge difference to your child’s relationship with alcohol. So take the pledge now to help reduce the significant harm that alcohol can have on your teenager.

  • 81.2% of young people in Cardinia aged 15−17 have consumed alcohol at some point.
  • Teenagers are likely to drink more and take more risks when drinking compared to older people.
  • Alcohol is responsible for 1/3 of death and injuries for under 18s.
  • Drinking early can cause problems with alcohol later in life.
  • The brain is still developing up until your mid-20s. Drinking alcohol may damage a young brain and lead to health complications later on.
  • According to the Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol, the safest option for children and people under 18 is not to drink.
  • Studies have shown that the most influential role models for children are their parents. While parents can't prevent their teenager from experimenting with alcohol, they can encourage sensible drinking habits. 

You can take one pledge, or more than one – the choice is yours.

Once you have made your pledge/s, you will be directed to a page with lots of great info and tips to help you do what you have pledged to do!

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