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Our health and wellbeing priorities

We want everyone who lives, works, learns and plays in Cardinia Shire to be healthy and active.

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Not doing enough physical activity is a risk for ill health. Being active improves mental health and bone health, and reduces risks of obesity and high blood pressure.

We encourage physical activity in parks and reserves, active travel to work and school and participation in sport and recreation.

What we are doing:

Poor diets now account for the biggest cause of disease in Australia. Only 4.7% of adults in Cardinia Shire eat the recommended serves of fruit and vegetables each day and 15% of adults have soft drink every day.

We promote and advocate for access to affordable, healthy and tasty food and a healthy food system.

What we are doing:

To encourage good mental health, we want our community to feel connected and included by others, be able to cope with life’s stresses, feel safe and have the opportunity to contribute to the community. We are always advocating for appropriate mental health services within the community.

What we are doing:

Misuse of alcohol and drugs has many long-term health risks, and 62% of residents have an increased lifetime risk of harm from alcohol. It can also increase the chance of being involved in violence in the short-term; our hospitals, emergency departments or ambulances deal with alcohol and drug related cases twice a day on average.

We are involved in community education of the harms of misuse of alcohol and drugs, promoting community safety in this area and considering the impact of the number of bottle and alcohol shops.

What we are doing:

The natural environment where you live impacts your health and wellbeing. Good air quality, access to safe water and connection to nature can promote positive physical and mental health.

We promote environmental sustainability and plan for extreme weather events in an effort to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

What we are doing:

  • Promoting programs to reduce household energy and water consumption
  • Supporting the community to improve and maintain existing areas of high environmental significance

Having an education, especially in childhood, is strongly associated with better job options, income and physical and mental health across the lifespan. Unemployment or poor working conditions can negatively affect physical and mental health by reducing financial security and personal growth and access to social networks.

What we are doing:

  • Facilitate pathways for education and towards employment through neighbourhood houses and social enterprise initiatives
  • Creating an Intercultural Hub at Services Central to provide culturally appropriate services (for refugees and asylum seekers).