Share your ideas on the Draft Liveability Plan 2017–29

This plan is Cardinia Shire's new municipal public health and wellbeing plan. We're seeking feedback on the draft priorities and key objectives in the plan.

View the draft Liveability Plan 2017–29

(You can view at hard copy of the plan at the Civic Centre, 20 Siding Avenue, Officer)

Complete the Liveability Plan 2017–29 survey

You can also provide feedback by:

Mail: Healthy Communities Coordinator, Cardinia Shire Council, PO Box 7 Pakenham, VIC 3810
Phone: 1300 787 624

Feedback will be accepted until 5pm, Friday 30 June. 

What is the draft Liveability Plan?

The draft Liveability Plan 2017–29 (the plan) is Cardinia Shire’s municipal public health and wellbeing plan, a legal requirement under the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008. The plan must have regard for the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan and be aligned with our Council Plan and the Municipal Strategic Statement.

Under recommendation 94 from the Royal Commission into Family Violence, the plan also highlights family violence as a priority.

What is the timeframe?

Once adopted, the plan will be a 12-year document, starting in October 2017 and finishing in October 2029. It will be reviewed every 4 years, in consultation with our partners and the community.

How has it been developed?

The Liveability Partnership Steering Group, including service providers, Victorian government departments and academics have helped us develop the plan since May 2016. The group reviewed local evidence by sharing data. The (demographic, health and liveability) data was used to create the Cardinia Data Profile. Read the fact sheets.

The group then shared its findings with local networks, community groups and residents and asked residents to complete an online survey. Our staff presented at network meetings, hosted pop-up stalls and 2 resident focus groups to get feedback.

All responses were analysed and compared with local statistical evidence and priorities highlighted from Victoria-wide strategies, to propose the key priorities for Cardinia Shire.    

What priorities have been identified?

Seven priorities have been identified including:

  • mental health and wellbeing
  • improve social cohesion
  • improve safety
  • reduce obesity
  • reduce family violence
  • reduce financial vulnerability
  • reduce harm from tobacco, alcohol and drugs. 

These priorities will shaped the outcomes which will be measured over the course of the plan. 

How will these priorities be addressed?

The draft objectives are themed around 7 liveability areas including:

  • active travel
  • education
  • employment
  • food
  • health and social services
  • housing
  • open space.

By improving liveability in each of these areas, we will be able to influence people’s health and wellbeing.

How will this plan influence action on the ground?

The plan will help direct local organisations funded by the Department of Health and Human Services Integrated Health Promotion funding. Other organisations involved in the Liveability Partnership Steering Group have also committed to supporting the plan.

Our Community Wellbeing Support Grants were developed to help community groups improve health and wellbeing within their community. The criteria for the next grants round will reflect the priorities of the new plan.

How do I know my feedback has been received?

If you have chosen to include your contact details, all feedback will be acknowledged by email or letter.

What happens to my feedback?

We will consider all submissions and a decision will be made on the final plan by Council at a meeting later this year. If you have included your contact details, you will be informed of the outcome.