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Apply for a COVID-19 Multicultural Community Connect Grant  

Applications for the COVID-19 Multicultural Community Connect Grant are now open.

It is a one-off round of funding. 

This program provides one-off funding to help eligible organisations deliver projects, programs or services which build capacity for COVID-19 response and recovery in the community.  

Read the grant outcomes.

Organisations that apply must:  

  • be not-for-profit  
  • be incorporated (or auspiced by an incorporated body)  
  • operate in Cardinia Shire  
  • plan to provide an initiative that meets the grant criteria (below)  
  • plan to deliver project, program or service to CALD residents in Cardinia Shire. 

Individuals, private, profit-making organisations and political organisations are not eligible to apply. 

  • A budget to support the grant application. 
  • Evidence of incorporation or auspice organisation details. 
  • Proposed project, program or service delivered within Cardinia boundaries and servicing Cardinia Shire residents. 
  • The program's COVIDSafe Plan materials.
  • The event's completed Risk Assessment Template.
  • Details of how the program will meet at least one of grant outcomes (below).

Grant outcomes

Applicants must clearly demonstrate that the proposed project, program or service will meet at least one of the following outcomes during the COVID-19 period: 

  • Reduce feelings of social isolation in the CALD community. 
  • Increase positive CALD community connection.
  • Increase mental and/or physical health outcomes in the CALD community.  
  • Assist in maintaining harmonious relationships within CALD community members and families. 
  • Promote kindness and support for fellow CALD community members.
  • Provide a positive contribution to the CALD community.  
  • Connect CALD community members to more opportunities including education, training, up skilling, jobs, services, etc.  
  • Promote COVID-safe practice, COVID vaccination and testing. 

Funding will not be allocated to: 

  • individuals 
  • private, profit-making organisations 
  • political organisations 
  • capital works projects (as defined in Council’s Community Capital Works Grants Policy) 
  • replacement of existing equipment and/or furnishings at community and recreational    facilities 
  • maintenance of community or recreational facilities 
  • business as usual operating costs 
  • fund existing salaries 
  • relief programs or services (including the provision of Personal Protective Equipment, sanitation, material aid and food relief). 

Maximum grant amount: $5,000

  • Applicants must provide evidence to support the grant amount requested.  
  • An acquittal of funds will be required at the conclusion of the initiative. 

Before applying, please read these grant guidelines (which include essential information you will need for your application, including the terms and conditions).

Community Connection Support Grants Guidelines

For more information or for help with applying contact our grant facilitators Fatima Almeida or Raju Maharjan on 1300 787 624 or mail@cardinia.vic.gov.au

Applications for the COVID-19 Multicultural Community Connect Grant are now open.

Apply now

  • Grant applications are assessed upon submission. 
  • Grant applications are reviewed by a multidisciplinary panel of Council staff. 
  • Once agreement is reached in these forums, grants are referred to Council senior management for endorsement and formal approval. 
  • Notification of the outcome of your application will be sent by email within 2 weeks of submission.

To query a grants assessment, a written request for clarification of the assessment can be sent to: 
Cardinia Shire Council 
Att: Community Strengthening Team 
PO Box 7, 
Pakenham VIC 3810 
or emailed to mail@cardinia.vic.gov.au 
Requests will receive due consideration and a formal, written response will be provided. 

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