Refugee Week

  • Refugee Week is an annual event celebrating the positive contributions made by refugees to Australian society.
  • Cardinia Shire is a Refugee Welcome Zone, an initiative of the Refugee Council of Australia.
  • A Refugee Welcome Zone is a council area that's made a commitment in spirit to welcoming refugees and migrants from refugee backgrounds into the community, upholding the human rights of refugees, and enhancing cultural and religious diversity in the community.

The theme of Refugee Week in 2022 is ‘healing’. To recognize this year’s event, our Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD)  Advisory Group Chairperson and Pakenham Hills Ward Councillor Jack Kowarzik, along with members of our CALD and Interfaith Networks, spoke to us about:  

  • the benefits of living in communities with people from diverse cultural backgrounds  
  • the role that neighbourhood houses play in fostering safe and inclusive communities  
  • why it's important to have opportunities to celebrate cultural diversity  
  • how communities helped each other during the covid-19 pandemic  
  • what their vision for the future of Cardinia Shire is. 

Hear their answers in the video below: 

To mark Refugee Week 2021, 4 local community members share their inspiring stories of coming to Australia as a refugee in the short video features below.

Meet Otim Arima

Meet Vernon Tissera

Meet Lizzy Kuoth

Meet Mehdi Sina

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