Community Capital Works Grants 2020 to 2021 (and prior)

Under our community capital works grants program, matched funding of up to $35,000 is available to help community groups that manage community and recreation facilities to upgrade these facilities.

Projects that may be eligible for a grant include:

  • building extensions and improvements
  • capital improvements at recreation reserves and sporting facilities
  • built-in or fixed equipment installations

To be eligible for this grants program, groups and organisations must:

  • manage a public facility on Council-owned or Crown land (this included facilities/land owned by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning)
  • be a not-for-profit organisation based within municipal boundaries with membership open to residents in Cardinia Shire
  • be incorporated or be auspiced by an incorporated organisation (this includes section 86 Council committees).
  • complete the project within the allocated financial year. Projects may be staged over several years but a separate application must be made for each stage, in separate annual grant funding rounds. However, we cannot guarantee that future stages and grant applications will be funded.

All projects will be funded on a matched funding basis: $1 from Council and $1 from the applicant, to a maximum grant of $35,000. 

The applicant’s contribution may include:

  • funds sourced from other organisations or non-Cardinia Shire Council grant programs.
  • reimbursement for volunteer labour contributing to the project.

Volunteer labour contributions may be included but cannot be used for any work that is trades work or classed as "high risk work" (including all work that requires a licensed tradesperson, for example plumbing, electrical).

If a commercial builder or qualified contractor is engaged to do work related to the project in an in-kind capacity, the quoted value of this will not be considered within the total project cost for the purposes of calculating the value of the grant.


All applications will be assessed against the following priorities:

Priority 1

Projects that: 

  • Enhance access and inclusion
  • Address occupational health and safety
  • Address regulatory compliance issues.

Priority 2

Projects that: 

  • Improve facilities that are not fit for current use.

Priority 3

Projects that: 

  • Maintain a facility at an acceptable level for its current use.

Priority 4

Projects that: 

  • Provide an environmental benefit (for example, that reduce resource consumption or use more efficient technologies), where possible.

Projects previously funded include:

  • water tank installations
  • solar panels
  • bathroom or kitchen renovations
  • office or storage room fit-outs
  • storage sheds
  • flooring upgrades
  • access ramps
  • arena or oval fencing upgrades.

Funding will not be provided for: 

  • sporting surface and surrounds maintenance that is funded through maintenance grants provided to Recreation Reserve Committees of Management
  • requests for retrospective funding
  • consultancy fees
  • groups and organisations with an outstanding debt to Council.

Before applying you must read: 

  • the information on this web page. (You can find the same information in the Grants Policy
  • the Applicants Guide (which includes essential information you will need for your application including the terms and conditions)

Download the Applicants Guide

Applications must demonstrate how the project meets all of the following criteria:

  • How the local and wider community will benefit from the project
  • Be consistent with Council plans and priorities
  • Be consistent with other relevant regulations
  • Be consistent with strategic plans for the organisation/group
  • Be consistent with strategic plans for the facility/location
  • Be able to demonstrate the capacity to deliver the project both from a financial and project management perspective.

Depending on your application, you may also find these supporting documents helpful.

Download the supporting documents

To apply for this grant go to the Cardinia Smarty Grants website


All grant applications are reviewed by:

  • an assessment panel comprising a multidisciplinary team of relevant Council staff
  • Senior Managers within Council
  • a panel of Councillors.

Once agreement is reached in these forums, grants are referred to Council for endorsement and formal approval.

To query a grants assessment, a written request may be made for clarification of the assessment.

Requests will receive due consideration and a formal, written response will be provided.

For more information or for help with the grant application process contact our Community Places Officer on 1300 787 624 or

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