Apply for a festivals and events grant

Applications for 2020 – 2021 events will open in early 2020.

We are proud to support festivals and events in Cardinia Shire through this grants program.

  • Grants are available to not-for-profit, community-run festival and event organisers, and RSL clubs to go towards the cost of running local events which reflect local identity and interests.
  • Please note that we may receive applications for more funding than what is available.
  • We support applicants and grant recipients to work towards building events that will eventually be sustainable and self-sufficient without grant funding support.
  • Community festivals and events
  • Art festivals and events
  • Cultural festivals and events
  • Agricultural shows and major events

Festivals and events are important for helping to build a stronger and more connected local community.

This grants program aims to support a range of festivals and events that encourage people to come together to celebrate where they live, and their culture and shared interests.

Cardinia Shire is a rapidly growing community and we are committed to supporting activities that align with our Council Plan, improve the liveability of the area and protect the local environment.

  • Applications must have a clearly defined purpose, philosophy and target audience.
  • We assess applications once a year against the priorities in this table.
The list of priorities we asses applications by.
Priority The event or festival …
Celebrates vibrancy and diversity of the area and its people
  • celebrates the nature and characteristics of the region/township
  • recognises and promotes local culture/talent/heritage/arts.
  • meets the diverse and changing interests of the community
Safe and well planned events (with a view to becoming self-sufficient)
  • is sustainable both with or without Council support and any proceeds are put towards improving the event in future years (and not for the benefit of the organising groups and/or individuals. Please note we require End of Financial Statements, or bank statements)
  • is planned to run in accordance with relevant regulations and requirements pertaining to health and safety.
Capacity building, capability and collaboration is a priority
  • is planned in cooperation with other relevant event organisers, local community groups, local businesses and other agencies
  • the event’s organiser/s have demonstrated their ability to successfully run the event
Community access and inclusion
  • will ensure and encourage access and participation by all community members
  • will develop and implement marketing and promotional strategies to encourage/increase participation by residents; community organisations and groups; local businesses and visitors
  • that create and improve connections within the community and improve health and wellbeing
Celebrating the shire and enhancing economic development
  • seeks to achieve a positive economic benefit for the region/township
  • seeks to raise the profile of Cardinia Shire/the region/township
  • is in accordance with the vision, mission and overall objectives of the Council Plan


  • Funding is available to cover the costs of running a festival or event, but not for the payment of staff and associated staff/volunteer costs.
  • Applications may include a request for either a cash grant and/or in-kind support.

In-kind support

This may include:

  • advice about event planning
  • advice about risk management
  • advice about marketing and promotion
  • If a request has been submitted to Council to run the event on Council land, parks/garden maintenance will correspond with the timing of the event.
  • If an event traffic and/or parking management plan is required by regulation, we will consider requests to reimburse the costs associated with their development and implementation.
  • We may also consider requests to reimburse waste management arrangements for bins booked through us.
  • If your event is taking place on Council owned or managed land or assets, compliance documentation must be submitted several weeks before the event.  

To apply for a festival and events grant your group must be one of the following:

  • a not-for-profit group, locally based and/or servicing Cardinia Shire residents
  • a Section 86 Committee of Council
  • an incorporated association (or auspiced by an incorporated organisation).

And you need to:

  • hold the festival or event in Cardinia Shire. Activities can be held on Council land/assets or elsewhere throughout the region. Relevant consents and authority is required for all activities.
  • have Public Liability Insurance cover of at least $20 million for the duration of the event, including set up and pack up.
  • provide an end of year financial statement or bank statement outlining event or festival operating costs (on application and acquittal stage once funded)
  • have acquitted or be compliant with all grants previously awarded by Council
  • have discussed your application with Council’s Community Development Facilitator.

If a licence, lease or funding agreement exists between Council and the community organisation, then the agreements need to be signed and current in order for applications to be considered.

  • Applications by individuals or commercial entities. (Exceptional circumstances may apply).
  • Costs related to ongoing operations and core business, including staff salaries. (Staff costs specific to the delivery of the festival or event may be considered).
  • Capital works and facilities maintenance costs.  
  • Cost of projects that have already been delivered.
  • Applications for events or festivals that are already self-sufficient.
  • Interstate or overseas travel costs.
  • Projects that are considered to be the core funding responsibility of the Victorian or Federal Government departments, services or programs, or other funding bodies.
  • Core activities or operations of religious, political or educational organisations.
  • Competitions, prizes, profit making or fundraising activities.
  • Projects that are a duplication of existing community activities and programs.
  • Applications from organisations that have not acquitted or have failed to comply with all grants previously awarded by Council, or who have an outstanding debt to Council.
  • Incomplete or late applications.

All grant applications are reviewed by an assessment panel made up of:

  • Council staff from a selection of relevant departments
  • senior managers from Council
  • a panel of Councilors.

Once the panel reaches agreement, grants are referred to Council for endorsement and formal approval.

All grants recipients must:  

  • acknowledge Council as a funding provider in any promotion or publication relating to the project or initiative
  • provide an evaluation and acquittal within 2 months of the project being completed. 

To query a grants assessment, you may make a written request for clarification of the assessment.

Requests will receive due consideration and a written response will be provided.

To apply for this grant go to the Cardinia Smarty Grants website

Contact Council’s Community Development Facilitator on 1300787624 or