Native plant giveaway – schools, community groups and large properties

  • Schools, kindergartens, community groups and owners of properties greater than 4000 square metres in Cardinia Shire are eligible to apply for 1 x $100 native plant voucher.
  • Vouchers are redeemable at Cardinia Environment Coalition Nursery at Deep Creek Reserve, Pakenham when COVID restrictions permit
  • This program is being offered to help ‘green’ Cardinia Shire with plant species that are indigenous to the area, as these plants enhance biodiversity and our shire’s natural environment.
  • Please note that the allocation of vouchers on offer from Monday 18 October 2021 have all been claimed. In April 2022, we will again hold our annual giveaway of 2 x free native plants per household for the first 1000 attendees at Cardinia Environment Coalition Nursery – more info to come closer to the time.  

If your voucher application is successful, plants can be collected once vouchers have been issued and the current COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted from: 

Cardinia Environment Coalition (CEC) Nursery
Deep Creek Reserve
End of Cameron Way, Pakenham

While the nursery is closed for retail sales, the staff are still working and can discuss plant selection to help with the planning of your planting.

  • Vouchers can only be used for the purchase of indigenous plants.  
  • Indigenous plant species on offer will depend on what is available at CEC Nursery when the voucher is redeemed. .
  • Where plants are planted on roadsides or on land not owned by the applicant, you must get  written permission from Council or the landowner before planting. This permission MUST be included in your application.
  • Plant crates and tubes must be returned to the nursery for reuse.
  • Vouchers are strictly limited. Once allocated funds have been exhausted, applications will close.
  • Applicants must supply labour for site preparation, planting, weed control and ongoing maintenance of the site.

Applications now closed. 

The wonderful volunteers at the CEC nursery will also be able to assist you.

  • Site preparation is important and may include:
    • weed control for blackberries or environmental weeds
    • spot spraying with suitable herbicide
    • loosening of ground if area is compacted.
  • Trees are usually best planted 2 metres apart. Shrubs and understorey can be planted closer.
  • Smaller trees/shrubs are best planted near fences.
  • When you plan what to play, think about how you want to maintain the area into the future.

Contact our Biodiversity Planner
Ph: 1300 787 624

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