Consultation closed – Draft Officer District Reserve Master Plan

Thanks for having your say on the draft Officer District Reserve Masterplan. This consultation has now closed.

Online survey

Over the consultaiton period 105 community members contributed via the online survey

School consultations 

Consultations were also delivered with students from local primary and secondary schools with over 100 students participating.

Next steps

All feedback collected will be analysed and will help us finalise the masterplan for the Officer District Reserve. Construction will begin soon.

The site that the masterplan will apply to is located to the north of the Officer township within the Cardinia Road Precinct Structure Plan (CRPSP) area.

The CRPSP has identified the subject site as land to be used for a district open space area.

The objectives identified for this open space are:

  • To provide and develop a range of open space types to meet the active and passive needs of the community and protect and restore environmental values and features.
  • To provide a range of appropriately sized and well-distributed open spaces to meet local and district open space needs.
  • To provide for the protection and enhancement of areas of environmental significance and to integrate these areas with open space systems.
  • To create an attractive urban environment with a strong sense of place through the provision and landscaping of open space.
  • To ensure that open space development standards provide for a sustainable future maintenance regime.
  • To encourage and promote the early development of open space through subdivisional works, the development contribution plan; and/or Council’s Capital Works Programs.

The draft Masterplan includes:

  • Extensive path network.
  • Access road from Princess Hwy and car parking.
  • Dog off leash area.
  • Picnic lawn area.
  • Open Grassland areas.
  • Play zone and fitness elements.
  • Skate and BMX facility.
  • Wetlands boardwalk viewing platforms.
  • Unsealed trail / wheeled sports area.
  • Lookout point.
  • Landscaping and sculptural signage.
  • Café and public toilets

Download the PDF of the Officer District Reserve Masterplan

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