Have your say on the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy and Pest Plant Management Strategy

Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback on this consultation, which closed on Friday 29 June 2018.

Your valuable input will help shape our Biodiversity Conservation Strategy and Pest Plant Management Strategy. 

The new Biodiversity Conservation Strategy will provide clear, long-term strategic direction to conserve biodiversity on both private and public land in Cardinia Shire, while working in partnership with the community. 

Biodiversity is the variety of species of plants, animals and microorganisms, their genes, and the ecosystems they make up, often considered in relation to a particular area.

The strategy will work towards these 3 key goals:  

  • Building resilient plant and animal communities in healthy environments and waterways
  • Fostering healthy community groups that actively value their environment
  • Encouraging property owners to actively contribute to and support biodiversity

The strategy aims to:

  • support all land managers to ensure our natural biodiversity is healthy, valued and actively cared for
  • reduce the endangered status of our threatened species
  • energise and empower our environmental community groups to ensure they are sustainable and their environmental expertise is valued and utilised
  • work towards the sustainable development goals identified by the United Nations 
  • develop an action plan for future Council biodiversity initiatives and programs.

The strategy will identify the environmental principles and practises that we will work to, in accordance with the latest best practise. 

The directions for future programs and projects will be informed from the outcomes of a detailed consultation process with government stakeholders and the community. 

We are also reviewing our Pest Plant Management Strategy (2012–2017)

The Pest Plant Management Strategy aims to reduce pest plant infestations across Cardinia Shire by implementing an action plan targeting community education and engagement, planning controls and enforcement, and on-ground works and monitoring.

Once we receive your feedback and the strategies are drafted, we will place them on public exhibition for further feedback from you, before Council considers the strategies for adoption.

Contact the Environment team on 1300 787 624 or mail@cardinia.vic.gov.au