Name your park

We need your help to name a big reserve we are developing next to Deep Creek in Pakenham. You can view the location and more information about this project here.  

It will have lots of things for you to enjoy, including an environment centre, plant nursery, wetlands and gardens, paths and trails, endangered plants and wildlife, and Cardinia Shire’s biggest playground! 

Please make sure all name ideas:   

  • are easy to pronounce and write
  • have 3 words or less (an exception is an Aboriginal language name)
  • make sense to the Cardinia Shire community and visitors
  • reflect the history of the area and/or any known locations nearby.

If you are naming the park after a person or family, that person should: 

  • be highly regarded by the local community and/or visitors
  • have some connection to the location.

The full name of a person who is still alive will not be considered.

If you think the current working name ‘Deep Creek Reserve’ is the best name, you are welcome to vote for this option.

To give us your park name ideas, go to the Our Say website. You can vote for a name that someome else has suggested. 

Go to the OurSay website

Entries close on 5pm, Friday 8 December. A winner will be picked from the top 5 most popular names.