Ecological report

The need for an ecological report should be discussed with our statutory planning team before you engage a qualified ecologist.

An ecological report must contain the following. This list should be provided to your ecologist.

1. A site plan drawn to scale showing:

  • the location of the native vegetation to be removed;
  • topographic information, highlighting ridges, and waterways, slopes of more than 20%, saline discharge areas and areas of existing erosion;
  • location of any hollow bearing trees that may be impacted by the proposed buildings or works;
  • the location of all trees within the building envelope, waste envelope, driveway and defendable space of the proposed dwelling (please note that this may be subject to change depending upon the CFA's assessment or environment assessment);
  • a numbered legend of each tree stating the species and diameter at 1.3 metres above ground level;
  • notate which of these trees are to be retained or removed or pruned to create the 5 or 2 metre canopy separation required as part of the CFA’s defendable space requirements.

2. A statement outlining what steps have been taken to avoid and minimise the removal of native vegetation including both trees and understorey native vegetation.

3. A description of the native vegetation to be removed.

4. Recent dated colour photographs of the native vegetation to be removed.

5. Details of any other native vegetation that was permitted to be removed on the same property with the same ownership in the 5-year period.

6. A biodiversity assessment in accordance with Clause 52.17 (available on the DELWP website)

7. An offset strategy that details how a compliant offset will be secured to offset the biodiversity impacts of the removal of native vegetation.

Note: exotic trees, dead trees or smaller indigenous trees should be removed before any large indigenous tree.

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