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Vegetation renewal

We are currently working on the following vegetation renewal projects across Cardinia Shire.

Works commenced in September 2016 to re-vegetate the Beaconhill Grange Estate streetscape, improving the visual aesthetics of the area. All the ground cover plants will be under 50cm in height.

Planting will be will be made up of the following species:

  • Leucadendron laureolum
  • Brachyscome multifida
  • Myoporum parvifolium
  • Scaevola ‘Pink Ribbons’
  • Philotheca ‘Cascade of stars’
  • Hardenbergia volacea.

Works commenced in October 2016 to revegetate an area beside the lake in Lakeside, Pakenham to improve the drainage of the site, including the planting of low growing grasses and shrubs.

Works commenced in October 2016 to remove the bollards along the Panorama Estate Wetland, Officer to improve the visual aesthetics of the estate.

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