Privacy and information

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 gives individuals and organisations a general right to request access to information held by Council. 

Under the Act, government agencies and prescribed authorities are required to publish statements outlining the agency's functions and decision-making powers, external policy consultation process, documents maintained and publicly available, and the procedure for requesting access to documents held by the agency. For more information view the Freedom of Information Act Part 11 statement 

Not all Council documents are available for request under the Act. Personal, financial, confidential or legal documents may be exempt under the provisions of Part IV of the Act.

We will take all reasonable steps to notify you of a decision on your request as soon as possible and no more than 45 days from recieving your FOI request, as specified in the Act.

Submit a freedom of information request online

Print a freedom of information request form

If you know something about a serious wrongdoing by an employee or an elected member of Council, you can report it in confidence under the Protected Disclosure Act 2012

If you disclose such conduct we will take all reasonable steps to protect you from negative action for doing so, such as harassment, intimidation, discrimination or adverse treatment.

For information regarding the process and procedure for handling complaints, view the Protected Disclosure Policy.