Bunyip State Park bushfires - recovery information

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Submit a question for Council meeting

You can ask a question at a general Council meeting (but not at a town planning committee meeting).

Questions must be in writing and delivered to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) before 12noon on the day of the meeting. 

Submit a question online  Download the question paper

Downloaded forms can be hand delivered to 20 Siding Avenue, Officer, or sent by fax or email to mail@cardinia.vic.gov.au.

  • The person who lodged the question must be present at the meeting during question time.
  • We may not be able to accept all questions due to time constraints.
  • Questions will be directed to the appropriate Councillor or officer for response.
  • The question may be taken on notice for reply at a subsequent meeting.
  • The Mayor can refuse to deal with any question. Generally, questions that are repetitive or similar in general nature to questions previously raised will not be accepted.