Works on sealed roads

This program helps to prevent water damage to sealed Council roads. Water damage can lead to potholes and other potentially costly road pavement issues. We employ a contractor to conduct these works.

The two types of resurfacing Council uses are:

  • asphalt: a bitumen-based, concrete-like mixture of stone and bitumen, 30 millimetres or more in thickness.
  • spray seal: a layer of bitumen sprayed on the road and covered with stones to provide a hard-wearing, skid-resistant surface.

Treatments are selected depending on the condition of the existing pavement, how the road is used and how much traffic drives on it.

Resurfacing works are generally required about once every 20 years, and are needed to maintain the local road network.

Please give our contractors full and unrestricted access to the road outside your property, so they can get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you have loose stones on your road, then it has just received a spray seal. This is only temporary.  Extra stones will remain on the road for up to 7 days before they are removed and recycled.

The bitumen layer and loose stones can be sticky on warm days. Please be careful as you can accidentally bring it into your home or vehicle if it comes into contact with your shoes.

To request works to be carried out on a sealed Council road, you can request the works online or call us on 1300 787 624.