Road maintenance for the next week

Our crews will carry out maintenance works on the roads and drainage systems listed below between now and Friday 21 December (depending on weather conditions).

The following unsealed roads will be graded to remove potholes and corrugations:

  • Brown Road, Beaconsfield
  • Huxtable Road, Pakenham Upper
  • Mountain Road, Gembrook
  • Thewlis Road, Pakenham
  • Ure Road, Gembrook



The following sealed roads will be repaired and maintained. Works may include filling potholes, repairing edge breaks and minor patching.

  • Paternoster Road, Cockatoo
  • Starling Road, Officer

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We will be de-silting and removing debris from drains in these roads so they function at full capacity. This reduces potential risk to private property and road users. 

  • Berglund Road, Pakenham Upper
  • Harris Reserve, Beaconsfield Upper
  • Wong Hee Road, Emerald


We will be carrying out drainage pit and pipe cleaning, root cutting and CCTV camera inspections on drains in these locations:  

  • Beaconsfield Upper
  • Beaconsfield
  • Pakenham Upper

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Bridge inspections and maintenance of pedestrian, vehicular bridges, boardwalks and major culverts in these locations:

  • Gembrook
  • Iona
  • Officer