Weekly roadworks update

Our crews will carry out maintenance works on the roads and drainage systems listed below between now and Friday 6 October (depending on weather conditions).

The following unsealed roads will be graded to remove potholes and corrugations:

  • Beazley Road, Cardinia
  • Beenak Rd, Gembrook
  • Dessent Road, Cora Lynn
  • Doran Road, Bunyip
  • Eleven Mile Road, Tynong
  • Hardys Road, Dalmore
  • Main Drain Road, Cora Lynn
  • Main Drain Road, Iona
  • Murray Road, Bunyip
  • Nash Road, Bunyip
  • No 4 Drain Road, Bayles
  • O’Neil Road, Beaconsfield
  • Peers Road, Dalmore
  • Railway Road, Dalmore
  • Symons Road, Emerald
  • Taplins Road, Catani
  • Telegraph Road, Beaconsfield Upper
  • Tivendale Road, Officer

The following sealed roads will be repaired and maintained. Works may include filling potholes, repairing edge breaks and minor patching.

  • Manks Road, Dalmore
  • Quamby Road, Guys Hill

Request works on a road 

We will be de-silting and removing debris from drains in these roads so they function at full capacity. This reduces potential risk to private property and road users. 

  • Bessie Creek Road, Nar Nar Goon North
  • Brown Road, Officer
  • Ti-Tree Road, Garfield
  • White Lane, Beaconsfield Upper

Request drain maintenance

Bridge inspections and maintenance of pedestrian, vehicular bridges, boardwalks and major culverts:

  • Various locations within the Officer and Pakenham townships.

We will be carrying out drainage pit and pipe cleaning, root cutting and CCTV camera inspections on drains in these locations:  

  • Bunyip
  • Emerald
  • Pakenham