The development of Officer town centre

We expect that within the next few years, significant residential, retail and commercial development will take place in this part of Officer.

The first stage of development of the future Officer town centre is underway on the north side of the Princes Highway in Officer, and strong interest has been shown recently by more developers.

We are likely to receive more applications for development soon due to these recent events:

  • In November 2017, Development Victoria (previously called Places Victoria) started selling the large parcels of land it owns in the town centre precinct.
  • The extension of Siding Avenue opened in October 2017. The road provides an important vehicle and pedestrian link between the Princes Highway and our civic centre, and the Officer Secondary College, Officer Special School and Officer Railway Station.
  • Victrack’s recent upgrade of Officer Railway Station.
  • The significant number of new houses built in the last 2 years near the town centre.

We liaise with developers to encourage and assist them in applying for planning permits, in order to deliver developments and jobs that are in demand and are needed in the local community,

However, we do not control which developers (such as retailers) apply to build in the area, or when development happens. This is up to the developers themselves.

The Officer Precinct Structure Plan was originally prepared by Council in 2011. It guides the development of the Officer precinct, and reserves land for key infrastructure, such as roads, local parks and community uses.

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) in consultation with Cardinia Shire Council is reviewing the Officer Precinct Structure Plan, focusing on the future Officer town centre. Amendment C232 to the Cardinia Planning Scheme seeks to implement the amended Officer PSP.

The review aims to:

  • unlock investment in Officer town centre by simplifying and improving the flexibility of the planning controls that apply to the town centre
  • balance the desired outcomes for the town centre, such as quality built-form and public spaces, with the need for timely development of services and infrastructure required by the new community.

The review will:

  • consolidate the form and content of the parts of the PSP that relate to the town centre
  • standardise the residential and commercial zones applied by the urban growth zone
  • redraft the Officer Town Centre Urban Design Framework to reduce duplication with the PSP and increase flexibility.

The review will not:

  • change the future urban structure (layout) of the town centre, for example, the location of roads
  • alter the general intent of the Officer PSP, urban growth zone schedule or urban design framework.

Once approved, the revised PSP will be incorporated into the Cardinia Planning Scheme. See Amendment C232 web page on the DELWP website

Our Officer Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) outlines what the township of Officer will look like in the future, and where particular kinds of developments can be built.

View the Officer PSP on the Victorian Planning Authority website