Cardinia Planning Scheme

The Cardinia Planning Scheme is a legal document that contains zoning maps, overlay maps, and sets out objectives, policies and rules for the use, development and protection of land. It also sets out when a permit is required for particular kinds of land use or development. 

For information about planning schemes go to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.  

From time to time, amendments (changes) are made to the planning scheme. These might be made to respond to changes in the area, to a new Council policy, or to improve how the scheme operates.

We make regular changes to the planning scheme to ensure it is up-to-date and relevant. Landowners can also request that we change the planning scheme, usually to amend land zoning or overlay provisions.

Changes to the planning scheme may also be made by the Minister administering the Planning and Environment Act 1987 or any other Minister or public authority specified in the scheme.

The fact sheet below has information on the planning scheme amendment process, including: 

  • amendment fees 
  • what an amendment needs to comply with 
  • what happens during the amendment process 

View the planning scheme amendment process fact sheet

Current and proposed amendments to the Cardinia Plannning Scheme are listed below.

Amendment name and number Exhibition dates Status  How to make a submission
Pakenham East Precinct Structure Plan (Amendment C234)

18 January 2018 to 23 February 2018

On exhibition

Go to this page on the Victorian Planning Authority website and click on the 'Get involved' tab to find out how to make your submission. 


When available current Panel reports will be listed below.