Why work at Cardinia Shire Council?

When you work at Cardinia Shire Council, you enjoy a range of exciting benefits that will allow you to have a an enjoyable, challenging, engaging and dynamic career.

  • Develop your career through training and professional development opportunities and engage with others as you contribute to their growth.
  • Achieve the work–life balance you have been looking for with our family friendly initiatives, including a range of leave options, employee support, professional development support, flexible working arrangements, health and wellbeing programs and social clubs.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of enhancing the lives of the people and communities in Cardinia Shire.

Employees don't have their own desks 

Our employees don’t have their own desks. Instead, they choose a work space that best suits the work they need to do at any given time – whether that’s working individually, or working alongside others. This approach applies to all staff in the organisation including the CEO and managers.

The benefits of ABW

Activity based working (ABW) is helping us to achieve better collaboration and communication between departments and staff, which leads to greater productivity and efficiency. 

Workspaces and mobile technology

To enable this way of working, our civic centre has a range of different work spaces and meeting places to suit individual or collaborative work. The advanced mobile and digital technology our staff use means they can move freely around the building as their tasks change throughout the working day, or work remotely as required. These techniologies have reduced the dependence on paper and improved customer response times. We have recorded a 75% reduction in paper use since moving to the new offices.

A first for Australian government

We were the first Australian government organisation to adopt activity-based working (ABW), in 2014. Many other organisations look to us as an example of how successful ABW can be. We regularly take employees from other workplaces on tours of our building so they can see activity based working in action.

We recognise that at times you may need flexibility to manage your role. We provide opportunities to work from home to balance organisational and family needs by negotiation.

The standard working week is 38 hours per week. Standard hours of work are between 7am and 7pm. Flexible start and finish times may be available for some positions; however, most employees in administrative roles start work at 8.30 am and finish at 5pm, while most Operations Centre staff start at 7am and finish at 4pm.

Part time and casual positions are also available.

Accrued days off (ADOs) are available to both outdoor and indoor staff. 

Each year, we run a variety of activities as part of our corporate Health and Wellbeing program. Examples of recent activities include health information sessions, yoga, Zumba, skin checks, twilight golf, Global Corporate Challenge, health checks and annual flu vaccinations.

All staff have access to our free and confidential employee assistance program (EAP). The program provides short-term professional counselling and consulting on personal matters, including anger and violence, depression, anxiety, emotional difficulties, gambling, drug, alcohol and other addictions, grief, bereavement and loss, loneliness and mental health.

We encourage employees to undertake further formal education, at both under-graduate and post-graduate levels, in subjects which are relevant to the employee’s current position and their agreed career path. Financial assistance is available to employees to help pay fees for formal study and required texts. We can support up to 50 per cent of study-related costs.

Employees who undertake formal education have access to paid study leave beyond standard annual leave to attend classes, exams and undertake study related to their education.

Cardinia Shire Council is a White Ribbon Accredited Workplace.  We are active in preventing and responding to violence against women in the workplace and in the community.  This means that all staff: 

  • have been educated about the many forms of family violence
  • know how to seek assistance if they are either using violence or are the target of it
  • know how to support someone in need. 

At Council, we acknowledge that we are all responsible for modelling respectful relationships in our homes and in wider society. 


All employees are entitled to carers leave to care for family members or to attend emergency situations.

We allow leave of up to two hours per quarter for the purpose of giving blood. 

Maternity, paternity and adoption leave is available for both primary carers and non-primary care givers. An employee with 12 months or more continuous employment, who is the primary care-giver of a child under 12 months of age, may take a maximum of 16 weeks paid leave (or 32 weeks at half pay).

Non-primary care givers may take up to two weeks paid leave (four weeks half pay) on the birth or adoption of a child. The period of leave may be extended by taking unpaid leave of up to 104 weeks (two years) in total.

Employees have the option to purchase up to 4 weeks leave in addition to their entitled 4 weeks annual leave to help balance work and life responsibilities. Purchasing additional leave reduces your overall salary, but provides a great opportunity to keep your personal and professional lives balanced.

Long service leave (LSL) will accrue at 13 weeks for every 10 years of service, in accordance with the Local Government Long Service Leave regulations 2002. Employees are entitled to LSL on a pro rata basis after 7 years of continuous or equivalent service. Long Service can be transferred between Local Governments organisations within Victoria.

We support job sharing as an acceptable option for employees who are unable undertake full time work due to family or other commitments.

Council has partnered with GMHBA to offer private health insurance. GMHBA offers products and additional benefits for staff that are unavailable on a retail basis.

Council is a community service organisation, so training and meetings outside of standard working hours are sometimes required. We will contribute to your child care expenses if you are required to attend meetings outside of your regular working hours.

As part of our staff giving scheme, employees can donate to various local aid charities via salary sacrifice or one-off donations.

Council has two staff social clubs which all employees are encouraged to join, one for indoor and one for outdoor staff. The indoor social club runs a range of events throughout the year, including a mid-year and end-of-year function for all staff, and the outdoor social club prepares and end-of-year barbecue for all staff to celebrate the holiday season. Both social clubs are run by staff, for staff.

On the last Friday of each month, Council staff are invited to wear casual clothes and make a donation to the charity of the month. We support both local and national charities.

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