Waste service charges

Charges for rubbish, recycling and green waste bin services are included in the annual rates notice, issued to property owners every August. These charges are listed in the tables on this page.

By law, every residential property with a person living in it must have a rubbish and recycling bin service, and the ratepayer must cover these charges. Having this service ensures the health and amenity of our community and environment. 

As a residential property owner, you can choose the standard garbage and recycling bin services (120-litre garbage and 240-litre recycling bin), or opt to pay less for smaller bins (80-litre garbage and 240-litre recycling bins).

You can pay extra for additional rubbish bins and additional recycling bins, if needed. Fees are charged on a pro-rata basis, meaning ratepayers will be charged proportionally according to when in the financial year the bin is ordered. Additional bins and the optional green waste bin service must be kept for a minimum of 6 months.

While we recommend you have a green waste bin, this is an optional service.  

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Waste service 2018-19 charges
Standard residential garbage charge (120-litre garbage bin + 240-litre recycling bin) $283.70
Reduced residential garbage charge (80-litre garbage bin + 240-litre recycling bin) $253.70
Green waste bin (optional)  $117
Additional 240-litre recycling bin (optional) $84
Additional 120-litre garbage bin (optional)  $200
Commercial garbage (optional, 120-litre garbage bin + 240-litre recycling bin) $312.07
Additional commercial garbage service (optional, 120-litre garbage bin) $240
Additional commercial recycling bin (optional, 240-litre recycling bin) $92.40


Commercial businesses in the Shire are able to utilise the Council Waste Services. Bin sizes and collection schedules are the same as the residential service. Commercial businesses can order a pair of bins or individual bins as per the above fees, and may utlise up to 4 bins in total.

The garbage charge covers the cost of collecting, processing and disposing of what goes in your garbage and recycling bins. It also funds hard waste services, waste education and waste reduction initiatives, the collection of litter and illegally dumped rubbish, and for the servicing of public bins. We budget to cover the cost of these services only – not to make a profit. 

Until the end of last year, a significant proportion of Victoria’s recyclables were processed in China.  

However at the beginning of this year, China’s General Administration of Customs implemented a policy that restricts the amount of contamination allowed in imported recyclables. This has had a widespread impact on recycling markets worldwide; the value of recyclable material has greatly reduced and the cost of processing recyclables has increased significantly.

The garbage charge covers contract and management costs and is budgeted on a not-for-profit basis. We are continuously identifying efficiencies and cost savings in this area. In recent years this has allowed the garbage charge to remain unchanged despite CPI increases in contracts. Council has also minimised the increase through negotiated savings to the collection contracts for garbage and recycling.  If this had not occurred, the increase would have been more. 

We have also found cost savings for green waste services, so that ratepayers with a green waste bin service will pay $15.85 less than last year.

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