Recycle plastic bags and soft, flexible plastic packaging

You can put plastic shopping bags and other flexible (soft) plastic packaging in your recycling bin.

These must be bundled in a tied plastic bag. Don’t place them loose in the recycling bin!

  • Plastic shopping bags.
  • Plastic packaging from groceries including bread, rice, pasta, toilet paper and frozen foods.
  • Cereal bags or biscuit packaging.
  • Clean cling wrap and freezer bags.
  • Plastic wrapping from appliances.
  • Plastic postal bags and document sleeves.
  • Bubble wrap.
  • Silver-lined packaging such as chocolate bar and ice-cream wrappers.
  • Garbage
  • Nappies
  • Food
  • Polystyrene
  • Make sure bags and packaging are clean and free of food residue and have no loose items in them, such as receipts.
  • Bundle the bags and packaging in a supermarket shopping bag. They must be contained in a plastic bag. When the bag is full, tie it and place it into your recycling bin.

Continue to place your other recyclable, rigid plastics loose in your recycling bin.

All of our recycling goes to SKM Recycling, Australia’s largest recycling sorting facility. The flexible plastics are sorted, compacted, baled and sent to a plastic recycler either locally or overseas.

Our contribution has been minimal and long-term savings are expected as less waste will go to landfiill.

The Victorian Government has contributed to the project through the Metropolitan Local Government Waste and Resource Recovery Fund. The Australian Packaging Covenant and SKM Recycling have helped fund optical sorting equipment at their sorting facility.