Check your next rubbish bin collection day

Your general rubbish bin is collected weekly.

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  • Place bins out the night before your collection day
  • Bins should be returned to your property within 24 hours after collection
  • Place bins near the kerb with handles away from the road
  • Leave 50cm between bins and other obstacles.
  • Bins must not weigh over 40kg each
  • Do not over fill bins - lid must be able to be closed

If your property is in a court

  • Please place bins on the straight section - not in the bowl or 'T'
  • Do not park vehicles in court bowl or 'T' on collection day this prevents waste vehicles from being able to turn and can disrupt collection.
  • Bins will still be collected on public holidays.
  • On Code Red fire days, bins will not be collected in bushfire-prone areas, such as the Hills. However you should still put your bins out on collection day and they will be picked up as soon as possible afterwards.
  • On Extreme Fire Danger days, bins may be collected earlier than usual.