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Pepi's Land, Emerald - lower dam

Major projects

16 Beaconsfield Emerald Road, Emerald
Project description
Works to fix the leak at the base of the lower dam and improve the structure of the dam wall, including:

• Construct a clay liner on the upstream face of the dam (3m thick) to seal the leaky area below the pipe. Clay used for the lining of the dam will be sourced on-site. This will result in a large hole onsite during works, however this will be refilled from sediment from the dam.

• Construct a new spillway

• Trees on the downstream wall to be removed and tree ferns to be retained, this will allow better visibility for maintenance inspections. Felled trees will be made into habitat logs and retained on-site. The downstream bank will be covered with 300mm thick rock mattress to protect surface from erosion and wombats.

• To improve the integrity of the dam wall, wombat burrows in the dam wall are to be filled during construction.

– In accordance with recommendations from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, we are hiring a zoologist with required fauna permits to ensure wombat burrows are empty prior to works. This involves monitoring individual burrows on the bank with infra-red cameras to verify whether they are inhabited. If monitoring shows the hole has been abandoned, the zoologist will close it over. If monitoring shows wombats are actively using the burrows, the zoologist will install a 1-way door on the entrance so wombats can leave but can’t re-enter prior to construction.
Council is fully funding the works.
Progress update
Autumn is traditionally the most stable weather for construction and works are scheduled for April and early May (weather dependent). Council will comply with government advice regarding management of Covid-19 as it emerges.
Benefits for the community
Reinstatement of the dam wall is an opportunity to improve the current structure, make it safer and allow for easier maintenance. This will ensure that the dam and local environment is protected for the community.
Community consultation
Council officers have consulted with the Johns Hill Landcare Group, regarding the proposed works and they have made some great suggestions that we are working through.
March 2020