Alma Treloar BMX and Skate Design and Construct

Major projects

Alma Treloar Reserve, 73 Healesville- Koo Wee Rup Road, Cockatoo
Project description
The Alma Treloar Reserve is set to receive a $350,000 upgrade, which will include a new BMX pump track, as well as improvements to the existing skate park.
Council is currently seeking community feedback on the design of the BMX pump track and skate park upgrades.
$350,000 is being funded by Cardinia Shire Council
Progress update
Common Ground Trails the BMX pump track. Council is now seeking community input for the design of the BMX pump track and skate park upgrades. Upgrades to the skate park are expected to commence from July 2019, with completion of the skate and BMX pump track completed by the end of October 2019.
Benefits for the community
The Alma Treloar BMX and Skate Design and Construct project is consistent with council’s efforts to provide active and passive recreation facilities to meet the needs of residents.
The project also increases opportunities for residents to participate in a range of sport, recreation and leisure activities.
Council believes that these additions will encourage Cardinia Shire residents to participate in positive and healthy activities.
Working with the community
In November 2018, council adopted the Alma Treloar Masterplan. The preparation of the Alma Treloar Masterplan included extensive engagement with the local community.
It was made clear to council that the installation of a BMX track and the enhancement of the skate area were still high priorities for many community members.
Throughout the design phase of this facility, consultation will be undertaken with internal managers, coordinators and community members for input into the design of the BMX track and skate park upgrades.
Final design artwork

No design yet

May 2019