Bowman's Track

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Trail type
Start at O’Neil Road and Janet Bowman Boulevard
44km (one way) to Basan's Corner
Approx time
3.5 hours
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Bowman’s Track, constructed in 1862, was instigated by publican Janet Bowman to facilitate access
for travellers from Beaconsfield to the Jordan Goldfields in the Yarra Valley. The 80-kilometre track
starts at Cardinia Creek (near Mrs Bowman’s hotel) and heads northward, linking with Hughes Track
(from the south through Tarago Valley).

Janet Bowman and her husband David came from Scotland to Beaconsfield in the early 1850s. In
1855, David was granted a licence for the ‘Gippsland Hotel’, also known as ‘Bowman’s Inn’, on the
Cardinia Creek site now occupied by Central Hotel, in Beaconsfield. When David died in 1860 Janet
became licensee for the hotel.

The cost of cutting Bowman’s Track was borne by Mrs Bowman who employed three to six men to work
on the track, including her four sons. The track brought gold miners right past her hotel and lodgings.