Officer Recreation Reserve western oval reconstruction

Major projects

Officer Recreation Reserve, corner of Starling Road and Princes Highway, Officer
Project description
The western oval at Officer Recreation Reserve is being reconstructed. The works will include reshaping and resurfacing, and installing subsurface drainage and irrigation.The floodlighting will also be upgraded.
This project is jointly funded by Council and the Victorian Government’s Community Sports Infrastructure Program.
Progress update
Tenders for the construction works have recently closed. Works are due to start in the 2018–19 financial year.
Benefits for the community
The works will enhance the quality of the oval’s surface, which will allow football to be played throughout winter and give the cricket club a perfect playing surface in summer.

The improved flood lighting will have energy efficient LED globes to reduce costs for clubs using the reserve. Outlet points from the ring main drain on the western oval will flow into the dam located to the east of the oval. Water going into the dam will be recycled for irrigation, which will provide an environmentally-sustainable water source for watering playing fields at the reserve.
Working with the community
The works on the western oval are part of the wider master plan design for the reserve. Council officers, the reserve committee and representatives from its user groups formed a steering group to ensure the reserve design would meet everyone’s requirements. The plan addressed issues including safety in relation to traffic flow, location of goals and reserve lighting.
Plans, maps and drawings
October 2018