Emerald Netball Facility at Pepi's Land, Emerald

Major projects

16 Beaconsfield Emerald Road, Emerald
Project description
Pepi's Land is a 25-hectare parcel of land in Emerald, located south of Puffing Billy Railway and east of Hogan's Park.

We are developing Pepi's Land into an open space with recreational and environmental features for the community to enjoy.

When complete, the facility will include 4 netball courts, a pavilion, playground, walking and cycling tracks, and a car park.

Extensive revegetation works have been done to establish natural habitat for native fauna.

A new drainage system has been installed at the site will help protect trails from washouts caused by heavy rains flowing down the hill. Pits and culverts will capture excess water, slowing the flow, and then redirecting it into the water catchment at the bottom of the hill.
Council is funding this project.
Progress update
The project will be delivered in 3 stages:

Stage 1A works will include widening of Beaconsfield-Emerald Road next to the site.

Stage 1B works will include the netball courts, carpark, drainage, retaining walls and lighting.

Stage 2 works will include a new pavilion.

The netball courts are complete, including lights, coach boxes, line marking and fencing.

Design works on the pavilion are now underway and construction should start later in 2018.
Benefits for the community
Emerald Netball Club will use the Pepi's Land netball facilities for training sessions, and Sherbrooke Netball Association will use it for league games. Emerald Primary School will have access to the netball courts when not being used for competition, along with the wider community.
The walking and cycling tracks and children's playground will provide residents with an enjoyable area for leisure, fitness and to enjoy the great outdoors.
Working with the community
Council worked closely with Emerald Netball Club and Emerald Township Committee in the master planning stage of the project. Key stakeholders will continue to work with Council as the project takes shape during the construction stage.
October 2018