Amendment C244 - Pakenham Activity Centre Parking Overlay

Following community consultation from January to March 2018, a modified version of the Pakenham Parking Precinct Plan (May 2018) was adopted by Council in May 2018, in response to community feedback.

Amendment C244 proposes to implement the objectives of the Pakenham Parking Precinct Plan (May 2018) by applying the Parking Overlay to Pakenham’s central business area (Pakenham Activity Centre).

This amendment was on exhibition from 4 October to 6 November 2018.

On 18 February 2019 Council resolved to refer the amendment to an independent planning panel. Please read item one of the meeting minutes for further information.

  • The Parking Overlay allows Council to collect a financial contribution from commercial and business landowners in Pakenham’s central business area who apply for, and are issued with, a planning permit to waive or reduce car parking spaces on their property.
  • If a landowner is not issued with such a permit, then no financial contribution is required to be paid.
  • This amendment does not apply to residential properties.

As Pakenham Activity Centre develops, it is important to make sure there are enough car spaces to meet demand.

The Parking Overlay will help us improve existing public car parking spaces and provide additional car parking facilities to meet future demands.

We also plan to install more wayfinding signs and increase awareness of car parking options in the Pakenham Activity Centre.

Land identified as having commercial and business capabilities within the Pakenham Activity centre is shown on this map.

View a large version of the map

Pakenham town centre

How much is it?

$12,000 (excluding GST) per car space. The rate will be adjusted on 1 July each year by applying the Building Price Index for Melbourne as given in the Rawlinson’s Australian Construction Handbook.

How was this figure calculated?

The Victorian Government’s Practice Note on the Parking Overlay specifies that Council can only require payment for car parking which reflects the cost of providing a car space.

This figure was determined by reviewing recent car park constructions, whilst keeping in mind that car parking in town centres is shared with users, and that it is important that the amount is appropriate to encourage development.

Amendment C244 seeks to:

  • amend Clause 21.04 - Economic development to insert the Pakenham Parking Precinct Plan (May 2018) as a reference document.
  • introduce Clause 45.09 - Parking Overlay and a schedule to the Parking Overlay (Schedule 1).
  • introduce new Parking Overlay maps (Map No.s 14PO, 15PO, and 17PO).
  • amends the Schedule to Clause 72.03 

Council considered all submissions as part of the amendment process.

Some concerns could not be resolved. Council is referring the amendment to an independent planning panel (appointed by the Minister for Planning) for review.

The planning panel will review each submission individually and provide a report with recommendations to Council and the Minister for Planning.

Preset hearing dates have been set:

  • Directions Hearing: Week starting 18 March 2019
  • Panel Hearing: Week starting 15 April 2019

Further details about any Planning Panel hearing and specific dates will be provided at a later date to those who make a submission.

Contact our Strategic Planning Team on 1300 787 624 or via