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Shire facts and statistics

Cardinia Shire is a rapidly developing municipality located on the south east fringe of Melbourne with an area of approximately 1,280 square kilometres.

Cardinia Shire contains the urban growth areas of Beaconsfield, Officer and Pakenham.

The growth corridor follows the Princes Highway and Princes Freeway running east-west through the centre of the Shire between the hills in the northern part of the municipality and the alluvial plains to the south. The northern hills area includes the townships of Upper Beaconsfield, Cockatoo, Emerald and Gembrook. The southern plains area includes the towns of Bunyip, Garfield, Koo Wee Rup, Lang Lang, Nar Nar Goon and Tynong.

Informed Decisions (ID) – Cardinia Shire's census data experts

Informed Decisions (ID) is a company of demographers, housing analysts and census data experts who develop information products specifically for the Australian Local Government market. Statistics for Cardinia Shire are compiled by ID, presented in an easy to read format and provided in the following ways:

  • Cardinia Shire Community Profile
    Cardinia Shire Community Profile enables you to analyse the population characteristics of your community, understand how they have changed over time and how they compare to other areas. The profile presents data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Census of Population and Housing for the local government area, and for smaller areas within it (e.g. suburbs). This data is presented in easy to use tables, charts and commentary covering a wide range of Census questions. The profile answers the majority of frequently asked socio-demographic questions and assists Council, the general public, students, community groups, organisations, business and investors to become more informed about the community.

  • Cardinia Shire Population Forecasts
    Cardinia Shire Population Forecasts outline the drivers of population change and forecasts how population, age structure and household types will change across the local government area. This data is presented in easy to use tables, charts and commentary and is designed to inform community groups, Council, investors, business, students and the general public.

  • Cardinia Shire Community Atlas
    Cardinia Shire Community Atlas presents key socio-demographic characteristics for the area as interactive maps. Based on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Census of Population and Housing, each map is prepared using Census Collector Districts providing the finest level of detail to help identify spatial patterns and trends in the area.

  • Cardinia Shire Economy
    Cardinia Shire's economic profile presents economic information that enables you to describe the area's role within the broader economy, explore options for economic development and promote the area's strengths. The information presented here is derived from official sources of information (Australian Bureau of Statistics) as well as Australia's leading economic modellers, NIEIR.

ABS Census data and analysis

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