Communities that Care

Communities That Care (CTC) is an evidence-based early intervention program to reduce youth problem behaviours and improve the health and wellbeing of young people. This involves identifying risk and protective factors across schools, homes, peer groups and communities on a range of issues including drug and alcohol use, mental health and wellbeing.

Programs, policies and strategies are then identified to address the risk and protective factors in Cardinia Shire.

Community Action Plan complete

In December 2015 the CTC Community Board completed their community action plan. The plan is based on the findings obtained from the Community Profile report (youth survey, existing data and resources assessment) and has three key outcomes with a number of evidence based strategies to reach those outcomes.

  • 1: To reduce the use of any alcohol by year 8 students
  • 2: To reduce the measures of family conflict by year 8 students
  • 3: Reduce depressive symptoms as reported by year 8 students

For a full copy of the Community Action Plan and implementation plans for the strategies please contact the CTC Facilitator.

The Smart Generation – to prevent adolescent alcohol use

In Cardinia Shire, the Communities that Care youth survey found of young people aged 15-17 had consumed alcohol at some point, with those aged 13-17 ranking alcohol as the most important issue facing young people (Department of Health 2008).

The Smart Generation program is an evidence-based approach to reduce adolescent alcohol use by:

  • (a) assisting young people and their families to adopt national alcohol guidelines that discourage adolescent alcohol use
  • (b) reducing supply of alcohol to adolescents by parents and retail outlets.

What does The Smart Generation involve?

The approach includes two key strategies:
1. Supply monitoring aimed at reducing the sale of alcohol to under-age youth. It involves monitoring of liquor retail outlets followed by feedback to licensees coupled with media attention to deter retailers from selling alcohol to minors.
2. Social marketing to parents and students (delivered through schools) with the aim of communicating a message about the importance of delaying alcohol use for as long as possible and of parents setting rules about alcohol use.

How might schools be involved?

Participating schools will share resources to students and their parents through existing school-based programs or through specially developed lesson plans available through the Smart Generation team. The Smart Generation social marketing activities are typically delivered to both early adolescents (year 7 and/or 8 students and their parents) and older adolescents (year 9 and/or 10 students and their parents).

If your school would like to be involved please get in touch with our CTC Facilitator email or 1300 787 624

Free Training: Mental Health & Wellbeing for Young People

Option 1: My FRIENDS Faciliator Training Full Day. This training will allow you to become an accredited facilitator where you can run the program in both one on one or group settings over a 5 to 10 week time frame. The program aims to provide young people with the skills to build resilience and confidence, develop mindfulness and relaxation, explore thinking in positive ways, develop problem solving strategies and learn ways to deal with conflict.

Option 2: MindMatters 'Getting Started' 1/2 day. Want to improve mental health in your school? Want to get started with MindMatters but don't have time for a full day's training? Come along to a half day of training with interested colleagues to learn about MindMatters processes and tools. Be guided on how to establish an Action Team and how to take effective action in your school. Event includes a certificate to put towards your professional learning hours.

Evaluation for successful programs

Dr Bosco Rowland from Deakin University will be sharing insights into the key elements of evaluation essential for successful program delivery and outcomes. See flyer (Word 700KB) for details.

How you can be involved

The success of CTC will depend on the participation of all interested in improving health and wellbeing for children and young people in Cardinia Shire. There are many ways you can be involved and informed about CTC which are outlined in the Communities That Care Governance Structure (Word doc, 146KB). If you would like to be kept informed, please send an email requesting to be added to our mailing list.
We have put together this 'meet the board video' to introduce our board members and hear about what has motivated them to participate in CTC.

Overview of CTC

CTC has developed some videos that provide an overview of what it is and explains in greater detail how it can improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people.


We were invited to participate in the program by Communities that Care Ltd (CTC Ltd) as a randomly selected community site.

CTC Ltd has received funding from the Community Crime Prevention Unit, within the Department of Justice, to support the implementation of the CTC process in our community. This includes a funded position of CTC Facilitator for two years and training provided from CTC Ltd.

The funding also includes support for education settings to deliver initiatives and program implementation costs.

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