Eating well

What we eat has a big impact on our health and wellbeing. There are lots of ways we can help you in improving your dietary intake for better health and quality of life. Whether it be keeping up with your kids, looking after yourself, or achieving personal aspirations, there are lots of reasons why eating healthy should be encouraged for you and your community.

Cardinia Shire: the facts

As little as 8.7 per cent of adults meet the recommended five serves of vegetables per day, and only 37.3 per cent of children aged 0–16 years of age are eating the minimum recommendation for vegetable servings.

We are also eating too much fast food, and drinking too much soft drink. About 17.5 per cent of our adult population consume soft drink on a daily basis. This is higher than the state of Victoria at 12.4 per cent (VicHealth, 2011). Poor diets are causing many health problems for residents, including overweight and obesity, diabetes, and poor mental health and wellbeing. About 50.4 per cent of our adult population is overweight or obese (Department of Health, 2013).

In Cardinia Shire, the consumption of fast foods is the main risk factor leading to becoming overweight or obese (Department of Health 2012).

Serve you right guide

We have produced a wallet-sized guide to help you understand food labelling and provide information on what constitutes a 'serving' of the various food groups, in a healthy diet.

For free copies of the wallet-sized flip card or guide, contact us on 1300 787 624 or email. You can also download the flip card (PDF, 443KB) or guide (PDF, 1.3MB) to view on screen or print this information out for reading in larger text size.

The flip card is based on The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating 2008.

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