Bourke Park street art project

The Bourke Park Street Art program is an innovative approach to artwork, opportunity and engagement, developed in close partnership between Council and the tiffany bishop COLLECTIVE (tbC) (Belgrave), as part of the redevelopment of Bourke Park (Pakenham).

In a three-phase installation, the project will begin with visiting artists from tbC mentoring local young artists in street art.

As each phase progresses, the aim is for more young people to be ‘recruited’ and given the opportunity to work with these incredible artists (as well as on other aspects of the project such as promotion, event management, performance, and film making).

Get involved!

Council is calling for young people to get involved in future versions of the program; not just to paint, but to help out with documenting the project through film making, photography or performance and event management.

To get involved email your name, contact and area of interest.

Who is the Bourke Park street art project for?

The project is aimed at young local artists and creating a legal and supportive space for them to practice innovative art forms. Council hopes the program will be the start of ongoing opportunities for professional development for young artists; encouraging them to develop local works rather than being lured away to the creative spaces in the 'big smoke'.

All members of the community are encouraged to enjoy the works as they visit Bourke Park, Railway Avenue, Pakenham (opposite the train station).

Follow it, watch it, tag it:

Each phase of the project will be professionally filmed and documented. Keep an eye on Council's Youtube channel for the paint-out videos...

Document, share and follow the project on social media: Facebook, Twitter or search #bourkepkpaintout

Do it all over again...

A key element of this project is a ‘record and refresh’ approach – local street artists will have the opportunity to take part every eight to 12 months as each surface is re-designed and re-painted.

Over time, local participants will be encouraged to take on mentoring roles for new participants – with employment opportunities to take the lead and ownership of future versions of the project – as well as any required touch-ups along the way.

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