New 80-litre bin

Reducing waste initiatives

We are committed to reducing waste to landfill, find out how you can to and potentially make savings with our waste incentives.

Halve your Waste

Do you usually fill your garbage bin? Would you like to be greener in your home and in school? Halve your waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

80-litre bin option

Receive a $30 rebate for exchanging your standard (120-litre) garbage bin for a smaller 80-litre bin, or you can order the 80-litre bin as a new service. The $30 rebate will appear on your rates notice.

The 80-litre bin, slightly slimmer but the same height as the 120-litre bin, is pictured right.

Why are we offering this incentive?
Landfill costs are increasingly becoming more expensive. We would prefer to pass on savings to you for producing less waste, rather than pay for waste to be landfilled. We recognise many of you are already making good environmental choices and would benefit from a reduction in your rates.

How do I make the request?
The ratepayer for the property can make the request by completing the form, visiting our Customer Service Centre or calling us on 1300 787 624.

Compost bin rebate

We offer a $30 rebate if you purchase a compost bin. Compost bins help to reduce the waste going to landfill .Less food scraps in landfill means less greenhouse gases produced from landfill sites. You can select and purchase your own compost bin which will assist you to divert food scraps from your garbage bin.

Frequently asked questions about the compost bin rebate

How much can I claim?
Residents can claim $30 for the purchase of a compost bin purchased after 1 October 2011.

Who can claim the rebate?
You must be a resident of Cardinia Shire to claim the rebate.

Is there a limit on the number of rebates that can be claimed?
The rebate is limited to one rebate per residential property.

How do I claim the rebate?
The resident of the property can make the request by coming in person to the Council Offices, submitting an online form or downloading and mailing the completed form to Council at: PO Box 7, Pakenham, VIC 3810. Proof of purchase (your receipt) and proof of address are required to complete the claim.

How do I show proof of my address?
You can provide proof of your address to Council by providing a copy of a recent utility bill, concession card, pension card, drivers licence, rates notice, or similar.

How and when will I received my rebate?
You will receive your rebate when you come into Council, or within 28 days of submitting the form online or by post.

Where can I find more information about composting?
Learn about composting and worm farming.

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