We are responsible for managing maintenance services across a wide range of assets, including roads, drains, footpaths, buildings, street and park furniture, parks and reserves, after hours emergency response and its vehicle fleet.

The development of the Road Management Plan (Word, 3.25MB) complements our asset management plans for roads, footpaths, bridges and drainage by addressing specific elements of the maintenance and management of the road network, as well as the legislative responsibilities under the Road Management Act 2004.

The Register of public roads (PDF, 1.8MB) lists all roads that Council inspect and maintain in accordance with the standards detailed in the Road Management Plan.

Council's asset inventory is growing daily with new development and as at 30 September 2015 consists of:

  • 632 kilometres of sealed roads
  • 865 kilometres of unsealed roads
  • 21 kilometres of off street car parks and facility roads
  • 219 bridges and major culvert structures
  • 24,217 drainage pits
  • 658 kilometres of underground drainage pipes
  • 3,000 kilometres of surface drains
  • 9 gross pollutant traps
  • 570 kilometres of footpaths
  • 400 buildings
  • 97 playgrounds
  • 7 skate parks
  • 12 BMX tracks
  • 803 street litter bins
  • 713 hectares of reserves
  • 576 hectares of natural reserves
  • 56 public toilet blocks
  • 107 fleet and major plant items.
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