Youth clubs

DescriptionA community for High Schoolers (Year 7-12) who are exploring what life is all about. We meet each Friday of the school term.
Main phone9707 0777
Locality (township)Beaconsfield
Beacy Youth - Beaconsfield Baptist Church's WebsiteEmail Beacy Youth - Beaconsfield Baptist Church
DescriptionCounselling service and mentoring program for teenagers
Main phone5968 4460
Locality (township)Emerald
Emerald Centre for Hope and Outreach's WebsiteEmail Emerald Centre for Hope and Outreach
DescriptionPrimary school youth group
Main phone5940 2344
Locality (township)Pakenham
DescriptionAvailable for Secondary college students from year 7 to 18 years old
Main phone5940 2344
Locality (township)Pakenham
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