Martial arts

DescriptionGovernment accredited instructors
Main phone5942 6398
Locality (township)Pakenham
DescriptionNew family run Karate school teaching traditional, self defence and sport karate.
Main phoneRichard - 0424 779 094 Samantha - 0466 587 869
Locality (township)Officer
Email Cardinia Karate
DescriptionFirst Lesson Free, Uniform with first term paid Kevin Hawthorne Ninja Schools offers Ninjutsu self defence and martial art classes. When studying Ninjutsu you will learn many aspects of unarmed combat and self defense including: •Escapes •Anti Bullying Techniques •Home Invasion Survival Techniques •Throws & Takedowns •Sweeps •Break Falls •Kicks •Punches •Strikes •Blocks •Locks •Holds •Chokes As well as ground defense and grappling, students will also learn single and multiple person attacker sparring, with and without a weapon.
Main phone0409439951
Locality (township)Lang Lang
Email Kevin Hawthorne Ninja School
DescriptionFamily friendly martial arts (freestyle) combining karate, kung fu, aikido, weaponary, kick boxing, and self defence techniques.
Main phone59689651
Locality (township)Cockatoo
Email Loong Fu Pai Martial Arts - Cockatoo
Descriptionfree style karate combining, kung fu; aikido; weaponary and self defence techniques
Main phone0437137873
Locality (township)Pakenham
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