DescriptionBeaconsfield Cricket Club is a sports club providing boys and girls of all ages with an opportunity to participate in cricket programs for over 30 years. Beaconsfield Cricket Club is part of the Dandenong District Cricket Association (DDCA). Beaconsfield Cricket Club field Junior teams in Under 11 to Under 17 age groups and Milo cricket for early skills development. Beaconsfield Cricket Club senior teams comprise of District through to 1 D
Main phone9769 7273
Locality (township)Beaconsfield
Beaconsfield Cricket Club's WebsiteEmail Beaconsfield Cricket Club
Main phone0409 596 389
Locality (township)Bunyip
Bunyip Cricket Club's WebsiteEmail Bunyip Cricket Club
DescriptionJuniors U/13s, U/15s, U/17s and Seniors
Main phone(03) 5941 3353
Locality (township)Cardinia
Cardinia Cricket Club's WebsiteEmail Cardinia Cricket Club
Main phone5629 4403 (ground)
Locality (township)Catani
Email Catani Cricket Club
DescriptionStrong family orientated club for Senior and Junior players.
Main phone0413 260 640
Locality (township)Emerald
Emerald Cricket Club's WebsiteEmail Emerald Cricket Club
DescriptionAffiliated with Warragul and District Cricket Association
Main phone0422531252
Locality (township)Garfield
Email Garfield-Tynong Cricket Club
DescriptionCompeting in the West Gippsland Cricket Association
Main phone0414 797 393
Locality (township)Gembrook
Gembrook Cricket Club's WebsiteEmail Gembrook Cricket Club
DescriptionAll ages catered for from veteran to beginner Practice nets and bowling machine available for all training
Main phone0438 295 966
Locality (township)Iona
Email Iona Cricket Club
Description3 senior teams, 4 junior teams and Milo Cricket
Main phone5997 1307
Locality (township)Koo Wee Rup
Koo Wee Rup Cricket Club's WebsiteEmail Koo Wee Rup Cricket Club
Main phone0406422481
Locality (township)Lang Lang
Email Lang Lang Cricket Club
DescriptionProvides recreation for four senior grades of cricketers and three junior grades
Main phone0424 051 692
Locality (township)Nar Nar Goon
Nar Nar Goon / Maryknoll Cricket Club's WebsiteEmail Nar Nar Goon / Maryknoll Cricket Club
DescriptionA family orientated club welcoming all junior and senior players of all abilities.
Main phone(03) 5943 2213 (clubroom)
Locality (township)Officer
Officer Cricket Club's WebsiteEmail Officer Cricket Club
DescriptionCricket Club open to all ages
Main phone.
Locality (township)Pakenham
Pakenham Cricket Club's WebsiteEmail Pakenham Cricket Club
DescriptionCricket from age 6 years onwards, Milo Into Cricket Program. Girls & Boys, Women & Men.
Main phone5942 7473
Locality (township)Pakenham Upper
Email Pakenham Upper Toomuc Cricket Club
DescriptionUpper Beaconsfield Cricket Club has a long and rich heritage dating back to 1893. A proud member of the Upper Beaconsfield community, we endeavour to provide a friendly and safe environment for all to participate. The Upper Beaconsfield Cricket Club encourages enjoyment through cricket. 4 senior sides and 5 junior sides
Main phone5944 4389 clubroom
Locality (township)Upper Beaconsfield
Upper Beaconsfield Cricket Club's WebsiteEmail Upper Beaconsfield Cricket Club
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