Recreation reserves

DescriptionSporting reserve
Main phone0438 639 702
Locality (township)Beaconsfield
Email Beaconsfield Recreation Reserve
DescriptionBunyip Recreation Reserve
Main phone0459 022 374
Locality (township)Bunyip
Email Bunyip Showgrounds Reserve
DescriptionEquestrian facilities, 4 user groups * Cannibal Creek Pony club - 1st Sunday of the month *Competitions are booked 2nd weekend of the month * West Gippsland Quarter Horse and Garfield Scouts - 3rd weekend of each month * Mt Cannibal Adult Riding Club 4th Saturday of the month * Stock Horse club 5 weekend Each year the facility is booked out both Saturdays and Sundays during the months of July, September, October and November. Those clubs have exclusive use of all equestrian facilities on these days. Picnic table, walking trail, nature reserve.
Main phone5629 2202
Locality (township)Garfield
Main phone5998 8327
Locality (township)Cardinia
Email Cardinia Recreation Reserve
Main phone56294403 - clubroom
Locality (township)Catani
DescriptionCricket, football and tennis
Main phone5968 3726 clubroom
Locality (township)Emerald
Email Chandler Recreation Reserve
DescriptionReserve for native flora and fauna
Main phone5968 4594
Locality (township)Clematis
Email Clematis Park Reserve
DescriptionSkate ramp, tennis courts, playground, BBQ.
Main phone1300 787 624
Locality (township)Pakenham
Cockatoo Community Reserve's WebsiteEmail Cockatoo Community Reserve
DescriptionCricket/football oval, netball courts, tennis courts, pavilion, meeting room, change rooms, childrens playground.
Main phone0418 316 318
Locality (township)Cora Lynn
Email Cora Lynn Recreation Reserve
DescriptionCricket/football oval, bowling green, netball court, tennis courts, swimming pool, pavilion, clubrooms, hall for hire.
Main phone5629 2748
Locality (township)Garfield
Email Garfield Recreation Reserve
DescriptionCricket/football oval, netball courts, sports pavilion, tennis courts (asphalt), BBQ.
Main phone5968 8092
Locality (township)Gembrook
DescriptionCommittee of management for horse riding clubs/user groups
Main phone5941 1844 (bh)
Locality (township)Pakenham
Email Huxtable Road Horse Riding Reserve
DescriptionHire of social room building, clubhouse,football/cricket oval, netball court and equestrian club.
Main phone0434 561 545
Locality (township)Koo Wee Rup
DescriptionSmall room with electricity, tennis courts, oval, playground, BBQ
Main phone0419 535 960
Locality (township)Maryknoll
DescriptionAthletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, football and netball
Main phone1300 787 624
Locality (township)Cockatoo
Mountain Road Recreation Reserve's WebsiteEmail Mountain Road Recreation Reserve
DescriptionSporting facilities. BBQ
Main phone5942 5392
Locality (township)Nar Nar Goon
Email Nar Nar Goon Recreation Reserve
DescriptionSporting facilities.
Main phone5943 2351
Locality (township)Officer
DescriptionSporting facilities, Playground, Clubroom for hire
Main phone0417 312 105
Locality (township)Pakenham Upper
Email Pakenham Upper Recreation Reserve
DescriptionSporting facilities, BBQs, toilets and clubrooms
Main phone 59426242
Locality (township)Rythdale
DescriptionTennis Club situated within the Reserve, Flora Reserve of regional botanical significance and Playground
Main phone5944 3071
Locality (township)Upper Beaconsfield
Email Sutherland Park Recreation Reserve
DescriptionAthletics, cricket, football, netball, baseball/softball
Main phone0409 802 025
Locality (township)Pakenham
Description6 porous tennis courts Cricket oval and pitch Pavilion Clubhouse and toilets Playground equipment
Main phone5997 7491
Locality (township)Tynong
Email Tynong Recreation Reserve
DescriptionCommittee of Management for the Upper Beaconsfield Community Complex. Hall and meeting rooms for hire.
Main phone5944 3219
Locality (township)Upper Beaconsfield
Email Upper Beaconsfield Community Complex – Buildings and Grounds Committee
DescriptionSporting facilities
Main phone5944 3639
Locality (township)Upper Beaconsfield
DescriptionSports facilities (Junior Football, Cricket, Tennis, Netball) and playground.
Main phone0418 527 897
Locality (township)Emerald
Main phone5997 8265
Locality (township)Yannathan
Email Yannathan Recreation Reserve
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