DescriptionGarden information and display
Main phone59684459
Locality (township)Emerald
Email Emerald Garden Club
DescriptionCommunity not for profit nursery specialising in indigenous and native plants. Sells both indigenous and non indigenous plants.
Main phone0407 304 061
Locality (township)Beaconsfield Upper
Green Circle Plant Nursery's WebsiteEmail Green Circle Plant Nursery
DescriptionA community garden consisting of approx 20 beds for individual or group use. Also an indigenous garden and sensory garden to be constructed.
Main phone5968 9642
Locality (township)Cockatoo
Email Hills Community Gardens
DescriptionCommunity Garden individual and communal plots available. Group meets regularly each week. Tools available for use in garden.
Main phone5997 9687
Locality (township)Koo Wee Rup
DescriptionSells both indigenous and non-indigenous plants
Main phone5997 1839
Locality (township)Koo Wee Rup
DescriptionThe garden is made up of communal garden beds and is open to the whole community
Main phone59975704
Locality (township)Lang Lang
Lang Lang Community Gardens's WebsiteEmail Lang Lang Community Gardens
DescriptionSells on indigenous plants
Main phone5942 8427
Locality (township)Maryknoll
Email Maryknoll Indigenous Plant  Nursery
DescriptionProviding lifelong learning and skills development to individuals, families and business groups, Outlook Community Centre courses are conducted in a friendly and supportive environment.
Main phone5940 4728
Locality (township)Pakenham
Outlook Community Centre's WebsiteEmail Outlook Community Centre
DescriptionA community garden featuring fruit trees, vegetables, herbs and a childrens garden. Plots are available for individuals and groups for a small fee. New members are welcome.
Main phone59412389
Locality (township)Pakenham
Pakenham Community Garden's WebsiteEmail Pakenham Community Garden
DescriptionGroup of keen gardeners, visit gardens, exchange plants and gardening ideas. Garden expo in September at Pakenham Racecourse.
Main phone5941 1306
Locality (township)Pakenham
Email Pakenham Garden Club
Main phone5629 5320
Locality (township)Bunyip
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