Township and progress committees

DescriptionA community action group seeking the wellbeing of Beaconsfield. Membership available to Beaconsfield Residents only.
Main phoneContact by email.
Locality (township)Beaconsfield
Beaconsfield Progress Association's WebsiteEmail Beaconsfield Progress Association
DescriptionResident action group
Main phone0414 270564
Locality (township)Officer
Cardinia Ratepayers and Residents Association's WebsiteEmail Cardinia Ratepayers and Residents Association
DescriptionTo represent all residents in the 3781 post code and to provide a strong local voice for all local and Council issues.
Main phone0421 219 899
Locality (township)Cockatoo
Cockatoo Township Committee's WebsiteEmail Cockatoo Township Committee
DescriptionTo communicate with Council and the community to protect and enhance the unique character of Emerald as a place of great natural beauty and a caring community where residents live and work in happiness and safety.
Main phone5968 6665
Locality (township)Emerald
Email Emerald Village Committee
DescriptionTo provide the Cardinia Shire Council with a link to the Gembrook Community. To act on behalf of local organisations and private citizens. To create and maintain a life style required by people living in Gembrook.
Main phone(03) 5968 1400
Locality (township)Gembrook
Gembrook Township Committee's WebsiteEmail Gembrook Township Committee
DescriptionCommunity Action Group
Main phone0422053008
Locality (township)Pakenham
Email Heritage Springs Residents Association
DescriptionCommunity Group
Main phone0427723271
Locality (township)Pakenham
Heritage Springs Residents Group's WebsiteEmail Heritage Springs Residents Group
DescriptionKoo Wee Rup residents get together at a monthly meeting to discuss and action issues facing the township and to maintain a strong contact with Local, State and Federal Governments.
Main phone0428 245 613
Locality (township)Koo Wee Rup
Email Koo Wee Rup Township Committee
DescriptionEstablished to conduct events and communicate with residents of Lakeside. The Forum has issued a Vision Statement and set of Objectives available from committee
Main phone0402 757 885
Locality (township)Pakenham
Email Lakeside Community Development Forum Inc.
DescriptionGroup of residents representing a variety of groups, interests and busines in and around Lang Lang.
Main phone5997 5019
Locality (township)Lang Lang
Email Lang Lang Town Committee
DescriptionCore organisation to help maintain reserves, township planning matter and general business of township.
Main phone5942 9030
Locality (township)Maryknoll
Maryknoll Progress Association's WebsiteEmail Maryknoll Progress Association
DescriptionCommunity Action Group
Main phone5942 5295
Locality (township)Nar Nar Goon
DescriptionCommunity Progress Association
Main phone5943 2351
Locality (township)Officer
Email Officer Community Association
DescriptionProgress Association
Main phone0433378530
Locality (township)Koo Wee Rup
Email Pakenham South Progress Association
DescriptionThe residents group are there for the residents of Timbertop Estate providing networking session, special event gatherings, new resident welcome kits with offers & info & assisting with issues that occur in the Estate within reason.
Main phonena
Locality (township)Officer
Email Timbertop Estate Residents Group
DescriptionA residents' association working towards the amenity of Toomuc Valley, including the maintenance of the Toomuc Valley Hall
Main phone5942 7482
Locality (township)Pakenham
Email Toomuc Valley Residents Association
DescriptionTynong Progress Association is a forum where residents and ratepayers of Tynong 3813 can meet to discuss Tynong town and district issues, also to keep communication channels open with Cardinia Shire Council.
Main phone5629 2488
Locality (township)Tynong
Email Tynong Progress Association
DescriptionUpper Beaconsfield township community organisation. Publishes the Village Bell community paper
Main phone59443219
Locality (township)Upper Beaconsfield
Upper Beaconsfield Association's WebsiteEmail Upper Beaconsfield Association
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